Dr. John Pettegrew: Creator of the Veterans Empathy Project. 

Dr. Evan Reibsome: Director of the Veterans Emapthy Project. 

Dr. Christopher Brockman: Dr. Christopher Brockman was a graduate student in the Department of History at Lehigh University when contributing to the Empathy Project.  Professionally, he served as the Media and Technology Integrator of Pennridge School District in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.  Interested in the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Digital History, his research focuses on the importance of the Fireside Chats within the scope of the New Deal and the use of digital scholarship within the field of American History.  Chris Brockman contributed to the first iteration of the website design, a digital repository content connecting to veterans and American society, and lessons plans developed to use the project in K-12 education.  He completed his PhD in 2020 at Lehigh.