On the Web

The following are links to online resources that provide context, further detail, and alternative perspectives to the Veteran Empathy Project’s content: from other oral history projects to discussions of post-traumatic syndrome and war.

The Iraq Veterans Memorial online project is dedicated to video uploads in memory of Iraq War Veterans. This database records the memories of family and friends voicing their memories in tribute to servicemen who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
PTSD Veteran is a resource for Veterans and civilians alike that can be used to gain a better understanding of PTSD. This site explains quite clearly the “Global Assessment of Functioning” or G.A.F. Score, which the Veterans Administration uses to determine the effects of PTSD and prescribe treatment.
This archival page from the New York Times is dedicated to PTSD content published on the newspapers website.
“War’s Wake: Stories About the Human Toll of War “is a six part Interview Series from the Wall Street Journal regarding how Americans remember veterans of foreign wars.
A work unfolding over time, the 100 Faces of War Experience online exhibition translates the stories from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars through the development of paintings accompanied by emotionally charged testimony.
Veterans of varying ages, serving in varying combats theaters, discussing PTSD. Connected to the Veterans families United Organization, this video “spans three generations” of war veterans suffering from PTSD.
Central Connecticut’s branch of the Veteran’s History Project, an example of how memorializing veterans can be done at both the national and local level.
“Cost of War” is an estimation as to the financial cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, calculated through an analysis of the federal military budget in search of increased transparency for Americans.
“Forever at War” is an article by the online journal Neuroanthropology’ on the daily struggles of a soldier struggling with PTSD.
Four Block is an an organization created for student veterans that seeks to help support the transition from military life to civilian life. The organization provides key support services and links to employment opportunities in “Corporate America” that continue to benefit veterans today.